Services for You Human Services Financial Help

Social Assistance

Oxford County Human Services helps people in our community. This help may include:

  • financial aid, like Ontario Works or emergency assistance
  • employment assistance, like help finding a job
  • health and medical benefits
  • educational referral and support
  • other temporary care programs to help those who are eligible

Oxford County takes an integrated approach to social assistance. This means we look at people who need help—our clients—as a whole, and at the needs they may have in all areas of their life. Our goal is to help you improve your overall quality of life.

An integrated approach also means we make a commitment to great service for those we’re helping. Trying to find and understand available services, and how to apply for them, can be challenging. Our focus is one client, one file, one client service worker.

By focusing on your overall quality of life, our client service workers can also help you find out about other community programs that can help meet your needs.

Child Care Subsidy


Child care subsidies are available for parents/guardians who meet eligibility requirements.

Children must be under 12 years old and attending a licensed child care program in Oxford County.

Visit the Child Care Subsidy page for more information.

Children with special needs
If you are applying for subsidy because you or your child has a special need, please complete the Documentation of Parent/Guardian Special Needs or Documentation of Child Special Needs.

Shelter & Housing

Financial help is available to assist with the cost of rent for those who are eligible. Generally subsidy assistance is calculated using 30% of family income to determine if the eligibility to reside in a rent geared to income unit or to access one of our other subsidy programs. Please speak to your Client Service Worker to see if you are eligible for the assistance.