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September 10, 2021
New traffic calming measures proposed for Beachville

Since the adoption of County-wide speed management and traffic calming principles in 2019, the County has worked with area municipalities and police to improve road safety and manage speeding in rural communities across Oxford.

As part of Oxford County’s ongoing commitment to keeping roads safe for pedestrians, motorists and communities, additional traffic calming measures are being proposed for Oxford Road 9 through Beachville. These measures are based on best management practices for road safety and supported by the Township of South-West Oxford and Ontario Provincial Police.



On January 13, 2021, County Council directed staff to conduct speed monitoring and analysis at four locations during three 7-day periods (24 hours each day) between April and June this year. Findings from the data collected showed:

  • driver operating speeds within Beachville (speed that 85% of drivers typically drove at regardless of the posted speed limit) ranged from 63-68 km/hr;
  • driver operating speeds approaching the village at the east and west limits from the 50 km/hr zone ranged from 81-83 km/hr;
  • electronic speed feedback signs installed at East Hill (westbound) and Vine Street (eastbound) for incoming traffic have been effective in reducing approach speeds; and,
  • extending the 50 km/hr zone beyond the village limits (implemented in February 2021 on a trial basis) had no effect in reducing operating speeds.

As a result of these findings, Oxford County is bringing forward several recommendations to respond to speeding concerns in Beachville.




The following measures are proposed to promote uniform traffic flow, provide greater driver compliance and improve overall road safety:

  • adjustment of the limit of 80 km/hr speed zone at the west village approach to align with the built boundary
  • pavement markings (dragon’s teeth) and flexible delineators on the lanes entering the village from the speed zone limit to the electronic speed feedback signs, signalling to drivers that they are approaching a sensitive area
  • Community Safety Zone designations, which allows for increased speeding fines and potential future Automated Speed Enforcement eligibility
  • change in posted speed limit through Beachville to 60 km/hr based on the driving environment
  • focused police enforcement


Oxford County Council
Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Meeting start: 7:00 p.m.
Watch online



Contact Frank Gross, Manager, Transportation & Waste Management Services, or 1-800-755-0394.
You are invited to delegate to Council at the Sept. 22 meeting. You must pre-register to speak at the meeting by contacting the County Clerk by 4:00 p.m. on Thurs., Sept.17, 2021: Chloe J. Senior, Clerk, or 519-539-0015, ext. 3001.


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