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February 10, 2021
Council this Week: Highlights from the February 10 County Council agenda

New affordable housing development, annual investment report, Joint Service Delivery Review update and more

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New affordable housing development in Woodstock

County Council is being asked to approve a modular, eight-unit affordable housing project using $1.12 million from the Social Service Relief Fund, a provincial funding initiative designed to support those most vulnerable to the social effects of COVID-19. The project will be located on the site of an existing County affordable housing project on Parkinson Road in Woodstock and will focus on bridging the gap between homelessness and permanent housing using community services interventions. The expected occupancy is the end of 2021.

Read HS 2021-04 - Affordable 2021 Housing Project at 738 Parkinson Road, Woodstock

County investment report

The County’s annual investment report shows earnings of $2.85 million in investment income last year, a lower than projected amount due to COVID-19’s strain on global markets. With lower interest rates expected to be part of Bank of Canada’s stimulus measures until into 2023, the County has adjusted its forecasts for investment returns for the coming years but will not adjust its current investment mix, which continues to meet the County’s performance standards.

Read CS 2021-07 – Investment Activity Report and Policy Review – 2020

Joint Service Delivery Review update

Following eight previous workshops with each of Oxford’s area municipalities, StrategyCorp will be in front of County Council to give a high level summary of Joint Service Delivery Review consultation sessions and seek any further input from a County Council perspective. The Joint Service Delivery Review was announced in March 2020 to determine how Oxford’s municipalities can best work together to modernize service delivery and reduce future costs. A final report will be brought forward at a future Council meeting. Download the report

Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting and Council Report CP 2021-32 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 20-13-7 – Escalade Property Corporation & 1822094 Ontario Inc.
  • Public meeting and Council Report CP 2021-42 – Application for Official Plan Amendment & Draft Plan of Subdivision Approval OP 20-18-7 & SB 20-06-7 – Southside Construction Management Limited
  • Public meeting and Council Report CP 2021-44 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 20-01-8 – Southside Construction Management Ltd.
  • Public meeting and Council Report CP 2021-45 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 20-19-8 – County of Oxford
  • PW 2021-03 – Oxford Road 27 – Eastbound Stop Implementation at Ontario Southland Railway Grade Level Crossing
  • CS 2021-08 – Council Remuneration and Expenses – 2020
  • CS 2021-09 – OILC Financing Application - County


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