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The County of Oxford is the upper tier to eight Area Municipalities and is responsible for the provision of a wide range of services to its residents. These services, many of which can be accessed through Customer Service at the Oxford County Administration Building located in downtown Woodstock, make an important contribution to the quality of life of all who live here. 

Other services offered to County residents are available through its various Departments, each of which can be easily accessed here using the side navigation bar, where you will find information and contacts as well as links to the services offered.

21 Reeve Street, Woodstock, Ontario

General Inquiries:
Oxford County Administration Building
P. O. Box 1614
21 Reeve Street
Woodstock, Ontario

N4S 7Y3

Tel:  (519) 539-9800
Email:  customerservice@oxfordcounty.ca

Email Us
(519)539-9800 x3915