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Annual Report


Transformative plans are beginning to take shape in Oxford County. The 2016 Annual Report outlines accomplishments from the past year, along with financial statements.

2016 Annual Report cover

Highlights include the Draft 100% Renewable Energy Plan and Draft Zero Waste Plan that were released in 2016, putting us on the path towards becoming a leader in renewable energy and waste reduction.

Oxford County is also positioning itself to be a part of the coming transportation shift. In 2016 new electric vehicle charging stations were installed under the provincial Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario (EVCO) program to create a more connected County. The County is also advocating to the provincial government for stronger transportation links to the region through regional transportation and short line rail strategies.

Consolidated financial statements show residents can see how the total budget of $225.9 million dollars was allocated, including a $71 million investment into new and redeveloped infrastructure. The year-end budget for 2016 ended with a $1.9 million surplus due to funding increases from senior levels of government, interest income and delayed hiring to fill job vacancies.

The 2016 annual report includes other budgetary breakdowns to show how tax dollars are being spent to provide the accountability and transparency residents expect from their government.

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