Tobacco use is the number one cause of death and preventable illness in Ontario. Tobacco is a highly addictive substance which makes it very difficult for tobacco users to quit or cut back. Tobacco use causes many health issues including shortness of breath, stained teeth and gums, impotence, cancer, health and heart and lung disease.

Oxford County Public Health can help you quit smoking. See what resources are available through Public Health.

Smoking rules in Ontario

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act ensures that non-smokers are protected from harmful exposure to second-hand smoke in all enclosed workplaces and enclosed public places. Read more about the Act and the rules associated with it.

News & updates


New for 2015-2016: The Government of Ontario has taken new steps towards protecting people from second-hand smoke and to help prevent children and youth from being encouraged to take up tobacco use. It is now illegal to smoke on playgrounds and sporting fields, on bar or restaurant patios and at fairs and festivals. It is also illegal to sell e-cigarettes to anyone under the age of 19, to sell tobacco on college or university campuses or to sell flavoured tobacco. 

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