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Important resources for the workplace on enforcement and regulation, food handling, and weather alerts.


Tobacco enforcement and regulation

A resource for tobacco legislation to inform the public about smoking restrictions in certain areas, as well as oversee the promotion and sales of tobacco products.

Food handling

A resource into food safety training, obtaining your food handler certification, food safety at home and health inspections.

Oxford Child Care Guide - for child care providers

A resource to provide the necessary tools to keep children in your care healthy and safe.

Weather alerts

A resource for heat and cold advisories to warn residents about weather conditions that may impact your health. Keep your eye on the weather warnings in your area.

New: Health at Work siteHealth at Work site

Health at Work 4 All is a public health initiative that aims to provide companies with a step-by-step guide to promoting workplace wellness. The program supplies information and tools to create or enhance workplace health promotion initiatives.