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The Oxford Health Matters report series draws attention to health issues in our community. Launched in May 2017 using information from the 2016 Oxford Health Matters Survey, the reports will help shape public health programs and are also available to support the work of our community and healthcare partners.




Report 1: Air Quality, Health and Wood Burning (April 2017)

The Oxford Health Matters Air Quality, Health & Wood Burning report will help Public Health plan environmental health programs that promote responsible indoor and open-air burning and inform the public about using the Air Quality Health Index to make decisions about outdoor activities when air quality is poor. Download

Report 2: General and Mental Health (May 2017)

The Oxford Health Matters General and Mental Health report looks at general health indicators by various population groups and will help Public Health assess the health needs of the public so that programs and services can be planned and developed to best support the diverse population of Oxford County. Download

Report 3: Lyme Disease (May 2017)

The Oxford Health Matters Lyme Disease report measures awareness of and protective behaviours related to Lyme Disease. It will help Public Health plan and implement programs that educate the public about Lyme disease and promote methods for reducing the likelihood of contracting the disease. Download

Report 4: Sun Safety (June 2017)

From 2010 to 2012, the rates of new cases of malignant melanoma (a type of skin cancer) were higher in Oxford County than Ontario. Learn more about sunburns and sunscreen use among Oxford County residents in the Sun Safety report. Download

Report 5: Tobacco Use, Dependence and Smoke in the Home (June 2017)

Smoking tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in Canada and has been linked to over 24 different diseases and conditions. The Tobacco Use, Dependence and Smoke in the Home report looks at tobacco use, tobacco dependence and tobacco smoke in the home in Oxford County. Download

Report 6: E-cigarette Use and Tobacco Cessation (July 2017)

E-cigarette use is an emerging public health issue, both in terms of understanding its health risk and value as a cessation aid. The E-cigarette Use and Tobacco Cessation report focuses on the use of e-cigarette as well as cessation aids in Oxford County. Download

Report 7: Falls Awareness (August 2017)

Education around falls prevention will become increasingly important as local populations age. Falls, and resulting injuries, such as hip fractures and concussions, are preventable. The Falls Awareness report will help Public Health raise awareness and inform falls prevention strategies in Oxford County. Download

Report 8: Food Security and Access (October 2017)

Food insecurity is a serious public health issue with far-reaching effects on both the physical and mental health of adults and children. The Food Security report will help ensure public health programs are based on new and emerging needs and concerns of the Oxford County community. Download

Report 9: Built Environment (October 2017)

The built environment is a determinant of health that can influence a variety of behaviours like exercise and social interaction which, in turn, can affect chronic disease rates and overall wellbeing. The Built Environment Report provides insight into Oxford County residents’ thoughts on neighbourhood walkability and the importance of specific built environment characteristics to different populations. Download

Report 10: Use of Media and Social Media (November 2017)

Mass media and social media are two key ways to share public health information with a variety of audiences. The Use of Media and Social Media report examines which forms of media and social media are used by Oxford County residents. Download  


Report 11: Influenza Vaccination (March 2018)

Influenza (the flu) is a preventable respiratory illness that can have mild symptoms or become a serious illness, particularly among high risk individuals. The best way to prevent getting the flu is to get vaccinated every year with the seasonal flu shot. The Influenza Vaccination report provides local information about who is getting the flu shot in Oxford County. Download



Strengthening public health programs

Oxford Health Matters is a service provided by the Foundational Standards division of Oxford County Public Health.

Foundational Standards works to ensure public health programs and services are informed by best available evidence, or research, and that programs respond to the needs and emerging issues of individual health units.

Population health assessment, surveillance, research, and program evaluation help build the public health knowledge base, ultimately improving the province's public health programs and services.

For more information, contact Foundational Standards at 519-421-9901 or 1-800-922-0096, ext. 3410.