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Community Health Reports

Oxford Community Health Reports highlight issues affecting the health of Oxford County residents. The reports are prepared by Oxford County Public Health's Foundational Standards team and draw on a variety of data sources.

For more information about any of the Oxford Community Health Reports, contact Foundational Standards at or 519-539-9800, ext. 3410, toll-free 1-800-755-0394.



Issue 1: Opioid and Other Substance Misuse (October 2017)

Oxford County is experiencing the impact of opioid and other substance misuse that has already negatively affected other communities in Canada. This initial report provides an overview of current opioid and other substance misuse in Oxford County in order to better understand the current situation and begin to assess our opportunities to respond. Download Opioid and Other Substance Misuse

Issue 2: Low Income as a Health Concern (November 2017)

Better health is associated with improved socioeconomic status (i.e. income, education and employment) and more of an equal distribution of income within a community. The Low Income as a Health Concern report provides insight into how many Oxford County residents are living with a low income and which groups of people are most impacted by low incomes. Download Low Income as a Health Concern


Strengthening public health programs

Foundational Standards works to ensure public health programs and services are informed by best available evidence, or research, and that programs respond to the needs and emerging issues of individual health units.

Population health assessment, surveillance, research, and program evaluation help build the public health knowledge base, ultimately improving the province's public health programs and services.