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Zika virus: What you need to know

Information for health care providers about the Zika virus including transmission, prevention and treatment, travel, testing and information for pregnant travelers. Download the Public Health Ontario document.

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Reportable diseases list
Timely reporting of communicable diseases is essential for their control. If you suspect or have confirmation of the following specified “Reportable Communicable Diseases” or their “etiologic agents”, (as per Ontario Reg 559/91 and amendments under the Health Protection and Promotion Act) please report them to the local Medical Officer of Health.

NEW Vaccine Order forms:

Publicly Funded Routines Vaccines
Publicly Funded High Risk & School Program
Special Order Tuberculin Vaccine

Shingles vaccine added to publicly funded immunization program
Information for health care providers about the addition of the shingles vaccine to Ontario's publicly funded immunization program, including eligibility criteria. Download the Ministry document.

Dental health
Our Community Dental Services program provides free or low-cost services for residents in need of care. Find out who qualifies.

Help residents quit smoking. Find out what new campaigns we are running. Learn about tobacco enforcement and regulations.

Infectious diseases and vaccines
Get infectious disease fact sheets, tips on infection control and immunization information.

Enhanced influenza surveillance reports for Oxford County
Oxford County Public Health posts the Influenza Activity in Oxford County report during the surveillance period of October to May.

Postpartum Mood Disorder
Find out what resources are available to new moms in Oxford County.

Information for health care providers about the rabies vaccine and who should receive the vaccine.

Health care support for Syrian refugees
The Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care, in partnership with Public Health Ontario, has released the Syrian Refugee Early Assessment Considerations for Primary Care Providers to support the arrival of refugees in our province. This document provides valuable information to support primary care providers in their early assessments and care of Syrian refugees of all ages. Download the Ministry document.


Update to health care support for Syrian refugees:
The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has developed the Phase 2: Ontario Health System Action Plan: Syrian Refugees to provide high-level guidance to Ontario’s health system for the ongoing and long-term health care support of incoming and resettled Syrian refugees in Ontario. The plan contains information on expected refugee arrival numbers and locations, general health care considerations and resources for health care providers. In addition, the Ministry continues to encourage all health care providers who are able to offer their services to refugees to call and register with the Refugee HealthLine (1-866-286-4770). More information on how to register with the Refugee HealthLine can be found in the plan and on the Ministry website. As a reminder, Oxford County maintains services to support newcomers to our community.