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 Resources for child and youth professionals

Enhanced 18 Month Developmental Screen. A resource chart for professionals who work with children. Includes web links to additional health resources.

Oxford Child Care Guide. Online manual containing Public Health regulations and resources for child care centres in Oxford County. Visit

Mental health services for children & youth - Southwest

What About Our Children? Overweight and Obesity in Oxford County Preschoolers (2011). Oxford County’s first report on childhood obesity looked at the weight status of more than 2,000 children between 2007 and 2010, finding that roughly one third of preschoolers were overweight, obese or at risk of being overweight.  

Oxford County Oral Health Status Report (2009). A snapshot of oral health status in Oxford County, the factors that impact on the oral health of county residents, and what Oral Health Services is doing to help Oxford County residents achieve optimal oral health.

Quick links

Child immunization. Information on current vaccines and immunizations, including the annual student immunization record review process

Child nutrition. Pregnancy and baby nutrition, information for school age children, report of childhood obesity

Dental health. Information about CINOT, Healthy Smiles Ontario, and other services offered by Community Dental Services

Healthy Babies Healthy Children program. A program provided by Oxford County Public Health for pregnant women and all families with young children up to the age of six