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November 22, 2017
Council this Week: Highlights from Nov 22 Council agenda

Achieving zero poverty, court security costs, CNG waste management vehicle pilot and more

Achieving zero poverty in Oxford County

County Council will consider a resolution on November 22 to achieve zero poverty in Oxford. The zero poverty resolution will be presented following a community delegation and, if adopted, would direct the County’s CAO and directors of Public Health, Human Services, and Community Planning to work with community partners on a Zero Poverty Oxford strategy.

As the Council report explains, 61% of residents living on an income too low to cover basic needs in Oxford County (2,620 residents) are estimated to be “working poor.” About 4,270 Oxford County residents live on an income too low to cover needs like food, shelter and clothing, with children accounting for 1,140 of that number.

Read Council report CAO 2017-16 – Achieving Zero Poverty in Oxford County

Court security cost recommendations

A report from the Oxford County Warden brings forward a recommendation from the Local Court Security Advisory Committee to initiate an advocacy campaign seeking provincial funding to fully recover court security and prisoner transportation costs from the Province. The Committee was established by County Council in May 2017 to recommend the annual level of County contribution towards unfunded court security and prisoner transportation costs in the County.

Read Council report WDN 2017-02 - Local Court Security Advisory Committee Recommendation Regarding Advocacy

Green waste management collection vehicle pilot

Oxford County staff is seeking approval to fund $35,000 from reserves to convert a waste/recycling curbside collection vehicle to dual fuel diesel/compressed natural gas (CNG), a pilot program that will reduce the vehicle’s greenhouse gas emissions by up to 10-15% and help determine how CNG can be used across the garbage and recycling vehicle fleet in the future. Although the vehicle is owned by the County’s contractor for curbside collection, the estimated fuel cost operational savings of up to $6,000 a year will be returned to the County over the term of the waste/recycling collection service contract. The Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan includes an objective to move away from fossil fuels and enhance low carbon transportation.

Read Council report PW 2017-62 - Pilot Conversion of Curbside Collection Vehicle to Dual Fuel Diesel/Compressed Natural Gas

Other reports and presentations

  • Award presentation – 2017 Oxford Stewardship Award
  • Delegation – Bryan Smith, OPAL Alliance (Oxford People Against the Landfill)
  • Delegation – Vanessa Giuliano, Dr. Tracy Smith-Carrier and Bryan Smith, Poverty Elimination Strategy
  • CP 2017-336 – Application for Draft Plan of Condominium and Condominium Conversion CD 17-02-7: Sireg 183 Lisgar Inc.
  • CP 2017-337 – Application for Draft Plan of Condominium and Condominium Conversion CD 17-03-8: Sireg 558 Durham Inc.
  • PW 2017-63 – Norwich Lagoons Inlet Chamber Splitter Box Reconstruction in Norwich
  • CS 2017-38 – Reserves Year End Allocations and Policy Review
  • CS 2017-37 – 2018 Insurance Program
  • CS 2017-39 – OILC Debenture Issues – Woodstock and Tillsonburg

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