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October 25, 2017
Council this Week: Highlights from October 25 County Council Agenda

Woodlands conservation by-law, input on Ontario's building code, comments on provincial health panel and more

Woodlands conservation by-law

A report regarding the County’s Woodlands Conservation By-law is before Council on October 25.The report provides an update on the public consultation activities that have taken place so far and includes links to input and comments received through public meetings and the County’s social media feeds to date.The report also includes a revised draft by-law for further discussion.
The revised woodlands conservation by-law has been drafted with a view to the comments and concerns raised through consultation with the public and other groups, including input received from the County’s Agricultural Advisory Committee.The revised by-law will serve to further the discussion regarding woodlands conservation in Oxford and will be shared with the public this fall for review and input, including additional public meetings and opportunities to comment through Speak Up, Oxford!

Read Council report CP 2017-298 - Woodlands Conservation By-law Update and Next Steps

County input on Ontario building code changes

County Council is receiving staff input on proposed updates to the province’s building code next Council meeting. Sought by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs in support of the government’s Climate Change Action Plan, public feedback will help determine how greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions can be reduced through construction, renovation, change of use, and demolition of buildings in Ontario. Feedback from the County includes advocating for continued review of solar-ready roof requirements to ensure they are keeping pace with the rapid advances in solar technology; a caution that too broad requirements for energy efficiency upgrades could deter renovation plans; and a request that voluntary airtightness testing be implemented sooner than the proposed date of 2022.

Read Council report PW 2017-54 - Ontario’s 2017 Next Edition Building Code Consultation EBR Registration No. 13-0536

County input on provincial public health panel

Oxford County Public Health is submitting to Council its feedback on the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care’s June 2017 report, “Public Health within an Integrated Health System.” The report proposes that Ontario’s public health system would be better served by fewer, larger, more integrated health units that align to Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) boundaries. Comments from Oxford County Public Health point out that size has not deterred Oxford’s local health unit from meeting its community’s needs nor hindered its ability to recruit professional staff. The staff report also cites concerns with the ability of large, regional boards to effectively serve the interests of smaller communities.

Read Council report PHES 2017-09 - Expert Panel on Public Health report: Public Health within an Integrated Health System – County of Oxford (Board of Health) Comments

Other reports and presentations

  • Public Meeting – Eldon View Holdings Inc.-File no. SB17-04-4  |
  • Delegation – Ellard Teeple, Great Lakes ATV Club
  • Delegation – Gail Malcolm and Bryan Smith, Social Planning Council
  • Delegation – Dr. Gerry Rowland, Oxford Physician Recruitment Group
  • Delegation – Paul Panayi, Eric Molinaro and Ellery Armstrong-DeJongh, Woodstock Collegiate Institute (WCI-Taiwan Exchange)
  • PW 2017-55 – Use of Holbrook Landfill Site by Great Lakes ATV Club
  • PW 2017-56 – Use of Trans Canada Trail and former CN Right-of-Way by Southern Sno Riders
  • PW 2017-57 – Use of Property at Hodge’s Pond, Old Stage Road by Westwood Hills Snowmobilers Inc.
  • PW 2017-58 – Addressing the Proposed Green Commercial Vehicle Program, EBR Registration No. 013-1381
  • PW 2017-59 – Intersection Improvements – Oxford Road 59 and Lakeview Drive, Woodstock
  • CP 2017-304 - Application for Approval of Draft Plan of Subdivision SB 17-04-4: Eldon View Holdings
  • CP 2017-307 - Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision SB 17-02-6 – Reeves Land Corp.
  • CS 2017-33 – OILC Debenture Issues – South-West Oxford
  • CAO 2017-14 – Integrity Commissioner – Appointment and Agreement

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