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July 09, 2021
Council this Week: Highlights from the July 14 County Council agenda

Motion regarding Walker landfill proposal, speed management in Zorra, SWOX and EZT and more

Download the agenda for the July 14, 2021 Couty Council meeting

Motion to not support Walker private landfill

Oxford County Councillor Marcus Ryan brings forward a motion this Council meeting resolving that Oxford’s municipalities will not support the Southwestern Landfill proposal. Through this action, Oxford County Council reinforces council resolutions by Zorra, Ingersoll, and South-West Oxford to exercise their recent veto power to refuse landfill development in their municipalities. Oxford’s municipalities have been acting on their environmental, community and economic concerns about the proposed landfill—projected to be one of the largest in Canada—for the past nine years as individual municipalities and as part of the Joint Municipal Coordinating Committee.

Read the Motion by Councillor Ryan

Speed management and road safety reviews

County Council is being asked to authorize a number of recommendations to improve speed management and road safety in Uniondale, Thamesford, Tavistock and Delmer. Oxford County initiated a review of speed and road safety in each of these areas, collaborating closely with area municipal partners, local residents and police. Immediate recommendations installing electronic speed feedback signs, speed zone adjustments, pavement markings (transverse bars, edge lines) gateway features, and a controlled pedestrian crossing on Oxford Road 59 in Tavistock. The proposed changes respond to citizen concerns in those communities and are in keeping with the County’s overall guidelines to adopt consistent speed management and traffic calming principles based on recognized industry standards.

PW 2021-26 - Speed Management and Road Safety Reviews – Uniondale,Thamesford, Tavistock and Delmer

Other reports and presentations

See delegations and Council reports in the agenda

  • Delegation: Community Safety and Well-being Plan – Julie Forth, Township of South-West Oxford, and Community Safety and Well-being Plan Coordinating Committee
  • Delegations (4): Oxford County North Street East Services Extension Project, Tillsonburg – Victor Jakaitis, Tina Austin & Rick Vermeersch, Sherry Fallowfield, Alena Sabo & Ken Donias
  • Delegation: Traffic and speed concerns, Thamesford – Doris Weir
  • Public meeting and Council report CP 2021-209: Application for Redline Amendment for Draft Plan of Subdivision - 32T-07006 -Performance Communities Realty Inc. & Lindprop Corporation
  • Public meeting and Council report CP 2021-210: Application for Official Plan Amendment - OP 21-04-7 - Town of Tillsonburg
  • Public meeting and Council report CP 2021:225: Application for Official Plan Amendment - OP 21-03-8 - City of Woodstock
  • CP 2021-220 - Application for Draft Plan of Condominium and Exemption from Draft Plan Approval CD 20-03-6 – Oak Country Homes Ltd.
  • CP 2021-224 - Application for Draft Plan of Condominium and Exemption from Draft Plan Approval CD 21-01-8 – Escalade Property Corporation
  • HS 2021-13 - Renovation and Upgrades to 75 Graham Street, Woodstock -Additional Funds and Award Contract
  • PW 2021-27 - Contract Award – Drumbo Wastewater Treatment Plant Capacity Expansion
  • PW 2021-28 - Contract Award – Oxford Road 9 (Ingersoll Road) Phase 1 Reconstruction & Bridge 9342 Rehabilitation, Woodstock
  • CS 2021-23 - Policy Review and Amendments – Tuition Reimbursement Policy, Employee Expense Policy and Delegation Policy

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