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November 13, 2019
Council this Week: Highlights from the November 13 County Council agenda

2020 Budget, Family Transition Program, SWOX and Woodstock boundary adjustment and more

2020 Business plans and budget

County Council’s 2020 budget process launches on November 13 with a report and presentation to Council, followed the next day by the first of three special budget meetings. The proposed budget includes gross expenditures of $263.8 million, an increase of $8.8 million over last year stemming in part from provincial funding pressures. Another $56.8 million in the budget is earmarked for capital projects for roads, bridges and culverts, water and wastewater infrastructure and more. Under the projected budget, the cost to deliver County services to be funded by property owners would increase by 5.8%.

The draft budget also includes seven new corporate initiatives for 2020, including projects that will improve social housing, make better use of the County’s vehicle fleet, and build stronger transportation networks across the County and region. Web-casting of all open County Council meetings is also being proposed under the 2020 budget.

Read: CS 2019-46 – 2020 Business Plans and Budget

Family Transition Program

Woodingford Lodge is reporting on the outcomes of its Family Transition Program pilot next Council meeting. The program, which works through a mediated transition period with seniors and their families before they are permanently moved to a long-term care facility, found that participants experienced less anxiety and depression, and that there was a resulting $600,000 in savings from reduced physician calls and emergency visits. The Family Transition Program team is asking Council to support an appeal to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to adopt, expand, further improve and enhance the program by applying it across the province.

Read: WDFL 2019-01 – Family Transition Program

Boundary adjustment between South-West Oxford and Woodstock

County Council is being asked to pass a by-law in support of a mutually agreed upon municipal boundary adjustment between South-West Oxford and Woodstock. The land being transferred from South-West Oxford to Woodstock encompasses approximately 250 acres north of Karn Road. Following County Council’s endorsement, the proposed adjustment requires final approval by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. It is expected to go into effect on January 1, 2020.

Read: CP 2019-321 – Proposed Boundary Adjustment – Township of South-West Oxford and City of Woodstock

Other reports and presentations


  • Presentation – Ontario Award for Paramedic Bravery: Joe Vandermeer, Platoon Leader, Oxford County Paramedic Services
  • Public meeting – Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision SB19-06-7 – Mike Hutchinson Properties Inc. (CP 2019-348)
  • Delegation – Indwell: Blossom Park Apartments – Graham Cubitt and Natasha Theumler
  • Delegation – Future Oxford: 2020 Grant request – Bryan Smith
  • Delegation – SCOR EDC: Annual partner update – Kimberly Earls and Councillor Stephen Molnar
  • Delegation – Ontario Health Coalition / Oxford Coalition for Social Justice: Motion to ask government for stops to healthcare – Melissa Holden and Brent Thompson
  • CP 2019-348 – Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision SB19-06-7 – Mike Hutchinson Properties Inc.
  • PW 2019-49 – Curbside Garbage, Organics, Recycling and Large Article Collection and Organics and Recycling Processing Request for Proposals
  • HS 2019-06 – County Surplus Lands located at 1235 Nellis Street, Woodstock
  • CS 2019-43 – Access and Privacy Policy Update
  • CS 2019-44 – Business Plan and Budget Review – 3rd Quarter
  • CS 2019-45 – Reserves Year End Allocations and Policy Review
  • CS 2019-47 – 2020 Oxford County Library Business Plan and Budget
  • CS 2019-48 – 2020 Court Security Grant Levy


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