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October 09, 2019
Council this Week: Highlights from the October 9 County Council agenda

Bill 108, SWIFT update, automated speed enforcement and more

Download the full agenda for October 9, 2019

Update on Bill 108, More Homes, More Choice Act

County Council receives an update on October 9 on Bill 108, the “More Homes, More Choice Act.” Passed in June 2019, the Act seeks to enable a greater housing supply across the province by introducing flexibility on some development requirements; for instance, by making it easier to add a second unit to a residence without paying development charges. The staff report also outlines concerns that some of the changes could affect the ability of municipalities to make important decisions relating to land use planning, finance and the environment, without helping to provide for suitable housing options that people can afford. The County has asked the Province to provide more information on some of the changes and will continue to follow any further direction or guidance.

Read: CP 2019-273 – Municipal Implications of Bill 108, the “More Homes, More Choice Act, 2019”

SWIFT Rural broadband update

Council will be asked on October 9 to waive a $395,947 refund from SWIFT (SouthWestern Integrated Fibre Technology) from the County’s 2015-2019 contribution of $704,240, and instead invest the funds to further advance broadband internet coverage into southwestern Ontario’s rural areas in partnership with other municipalities. SWIFT is a non-profit organization that funds broadband internet expansion by matching private and municipal contributions to federal and provincial funds.

Read: CAO 2019-06 - The SouthWestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) Update

Automated speed enforcement

unty Council receives an update on October 9 on municipal planning for the potential implementation of Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) in school zones and community safety zones where there is a posted speed of less than 80 km per hour. Oxford staff see the potential application of automated speed enforcement to further enhance ongoing road safety measures in communities across the County.Oxford’s plan is to consider the implementation of ASE by 2021, including investment in one or more mobile units that would be rotated to pre-determined locations across the County.

Read: PW 2019-37 - Automated Speed Enforcement Update

Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP19-04-8 – 1822094 Ontario Inc. (CP 2019-317)
  • Delegation – Ontario Health Team Development-Oxford: The Future Direction of Healthcare in Oxford – Sandy Jansen, Perry Lang & Randy Peltz
  • Delegation – Upper Thames River Conservation Authority: UTRCA 2020 Budget planning – Ian Wilcox
  • Delegation – Small Business Centre: 2020 Grant request – Ramona Gallagher
  • Delegation – Oxford Connection: 2020 Grant request – Len Magyar
  • Delegation – Oxford Invitational Youth Robotics Challenge: 2020 Grant request – Lisa Wells & Brad Hammond
  • Delegation – Oxford Physician Recruitment Group: 2020 Grant request – A.J. Wells
  • Delegation – Oxford Plowmen’s Association: 2020 Grant request – Joan Westbrook & Anthony Westbrook
  • CP 2019-317 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP19-04-8 – 1822094 Ontario Inc.
  • CP 2019-306 – Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) Review
  • CP 2019-313 – Application for Draft Plan of Condominium and Exemption from Draft Plan Approval CD 19-02-7 – JMR Properties Inc.
  • CS 2019-39 - Water Financial Plan 2019-2025
  • CS 2019-40 – Temporary Financing Agreement - Zorra
  • CS 2019-41 – Council Code of Conduct Policy Amendments

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