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Older adults

Statistics Canada reports that Oxford County has one of the highest proportion of residents age 50 years and older compared to the rest of the province.

Taking care of yourself is important at any age. Just like all other populations, adults over the age of 50 can have unique health needs and may want information that is tailored to suit their age group.

Shingles vaccine now free for seniors


The shingles vaccine is now available for free across Ontario for people 65 to 70 years of age.

Shingles, also known as herpes zoster, affects more than 42,000 people every year in Ontario and can cause complications such as loss of vision and debilitating nerve pain. Studies show the vaccine is highly effective when seniors are vaccinated between the ages of 65-70.

Those eligible for the shingles vaccine should contact their primary care doctor or nurse practitioner to receive the vaccination.

For more information, read the patient fact sheet

Oxford Master Aging Plan


Through information review, research, focus groups, community forums and surveys, seniors and service providers identified several areas of improvement to transportation, housing, social/recreational services, health care and other aspects of community life to better meet the needs of seniors in the community. The next step is to reconstitute the committee with a focus on implementation and monitoring of the plan to create solutions that will have a positive impact on the community now and in the future. Read the plan.

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