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"The Me beyond what you see"


The “Me beyond what you see” art contest challenged local grade five students to reflect on the things that others can’t see and celebrate the body they have, focusing on qualities other than physical and positive body image. Media and social pressures make youth feel “less-than-perfect” and can instill a negative self-image at an early age; this contest was an opportunity for young students to learn about and resist these pressures. Grade five students in Oxford County were invited to submit art pieces that showed the “Me beyond what you see” for a chance to win a spot in the Woodstock Art Gallery, April 21-25.

For more information, ask your school teacher, principal or contact Public Health at 519-421-9901, ext. 3443.

Working towards the best possible health for students

Whether it’s nutrition, healthy relationships, smoking, bullying, sexuality, immunization, dental health, or physical activity, Oxford County Public Health works with students and educators to promote all aspects of a healthy school.

Complete list of resources for parents and teachers

More physical activity

Only 40% of Oxford County youth are physically active. Public Health helps schools plan activities that encourage physical activity as a life-long habit for good health.

Better nutrition

More than half of Oxford County youth are not getting the recommended daily serving of fruits and vegetables, and about half of our youth aged 12-19 are classified as overweight or obese. Public Health teaches students about healthy food choices, and helps to improve learning ability through school breakfast and snack programs.
To help give children the best start in healthy eating, Public Health has been holding a series of cooking classes for Grade 6 students in Ingersoll as part of a pilot project to teach children the basics about preparing nutritious snacks and meals. During the cooking classes with Jed Lau, caterer and personal chef, the students learned basic knife and safe food handling skills and were introduced to simple and healthy foods and snacks.

Healthy choices

Almost 16% of Oxford youth are daily or occasional smokers, and 13% of Oxford County teens are binge drinking once a month or more. Public Health gives teens information to help them make smart choices about smoking, drinking and using drugs. We also teach teens about healthy relationships, and help them understand birth control options and personal choices.

Supporting educators

Teachers and school administrators are sometimes called on to help students with more than their studies. Oxford County Public Health can help with assessment and referral to other community agencies for students who are experiencing stress, depression, or other mental health concerns.

Questions about policy changes? We can help. We have programming to support school policies on tobacco control, Canada’s updated physical activity guidelines, and the new food and beverage policy for schools.

Preparing for school

Oxford County Public Health has been a long-time partner in helping kids and their parents plan a healthy start to the school years. See our Pre-Kindergarten Screening section for more information.