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Enforcement actions

In most cases, public health inspectors are able to work with food, recreational water and personal service providers to make corrections to bring their facilities to the proper health standards without issuing an offence notice. 

However, public health inspectors will issue enforcement actions when necessary.

The enforcement actions will be available soon.

Offence notices (tickets)

Tickets can be issued for infractions observed by a public health inspector during an inspection (or re-inspection). Set fines for non-compliance can range from $45 to $370, plus a victim surcharge and service cost.


A summons can be issued instead of a ticket for a more serious or repeated infraction, which requires the person charged to appear in an Ontario Court of Justice to answer to the charge.

During a trial, a Justice of the Peace will determine a fine or sentence if the charge is deemed to have merit.


If a public health inspector deems a health hazard exists, an order may be issued to remedy the existing hazard.

These orders may include:

  • Closing the premises or part of the premises
  • Cleaning or disinfecting the premises
  • Prohibiting the manufacturing, processing, preparation, storage, handling, display, transportation or sale of food or product
  • Destruction of the food or product specified in the order

An order to close may be issued for the following reasons:

  • The premises has been linked to an illness outbreak
  • No potable water or hot/cold running water
  • A sewage back-up
  • A fire of flood preventing food from being prepared or served safely
  • Pest infestation
  • Sanitation problems
  • Inadequate sterilization
  • Swimming pool water is cloudy

Enforcement actions taken by Oxford County Public Health are disclosed for the past 24 months in the table below. Click on the tabs to review the orders, tickets and summons along with details and dates of the actions.