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Food safety

Food safety is a mandatory program for Ontario’s health units under the Ontario Public Health Standards. Oxford County Public Health works to prevent and reduce foodborne illness in the community by:
  • Inspecting food premises
  • Coordinating food handler training
  • Educating people about food safety
  • Analyzing data about foodborne illness in Oxford County
  • Investigating and responding to outbreaks of foodborne illness, unsafe food handling practices, food recalls, etc.
  • Providing expertise for food-related issues arising from floods, fires, power outages and other situations that may affect food safety

Food recall information

Food recall updates and allergy alerts are posted on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website. See latest updates.

Food safety at home

Oxford County Public Health is running an awareness campaign on food safety at home. Do you know how to prevent foodborne illness? More

Food safety at school

Learn about food safety in schools by reading this factsheet.

Food safety training

In Oxford County food safety training is available through classes or online. More 

Public access to inspection reports

Public health inspectors inspect all premises that serve food to the public. A summary of the most recent inspection reports on file for a restaurant, take-out, retail outlet or other food premise for a period of up to two years is available at