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Larviciding and trapping


Larvicide is sometimes used to help control the mosquito population in order to reduce the incidence of West Nile virus in Oxford County. If it is necessary to use larvacide, it is applied by a licensed applicator contracted by Oxford County Public Health & Emergency Services. See the 2014 Notice of possible pesticide use

What kind of larvicide is used?

The larvicide methoprene prevents mosquito larvae from growing into adults or reproducing.

Why does Public Health trap mosquitoes?

Because mosquitoes feed on birds, it is possible to find the virus in mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes caught in traps may be tested to identify the species and to determine if any of the mosquitoes are carrying the virus. 

If a trap is near my home, what should I know?

  • Having a trap near your home attracts mosquitoes away from people and to the trap.
  • Traps are equipped with nets that hold the mosquitoes, making them unable to fly out.
  • Traps are located in places away from areas where people spend their time outdoors.
  • Mosquitoes are more likely to fly to a trap than to people, minimizing contact with mosquitoes.

How do the traps work?

  • The traps use carbon dioxide and a light to attract mosquitoes. A fan in the trap draws the mosquitoes into a mesh holding bag where they are kept alive. Mosquitoes need be alive to test for West Nile virus.
  • Once in the trap, the mosquitoes are unable to get out.

How can I help?

Although traps are located in your area, it is still important to remove any potential mosquito breeding sites around your home. Remove or turn over any containers that can hold water, drain pool covers and change birdbaths weekly.

Where can I learn more about WNV?


Oxford County Public Health distributes educational materials to campgrounds, golf courses and garden centres throughout the area. Materials can also be picked up at the Oxford County Public located at 410 Buller street in Woodstock.

To book a presentation for your business or community group, or receive pamphlets and posters for your workplace or community function, call 519-421-9901 or 1-800-922-0096.