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Reduce ticks around your house

Ticks prefer to live in humid, wooded areas. To help protect your family and pets from contact with ticks there are several actions you can take to make your environment less favourable for ticks.

  • Keep the grass in your yard mowed


  • Remove brush and fallen leaves from the edges of your property, especially if your yard is bordered by woods or fields of tall grass


  • A border of gravel or wood chips that creates a physical separation between lawns and wooded areas will help reduce the movement of ticks from their natural habitat into your yard.


  • Clean up areas under and around bird feeders, to reduce the attraction of small critters such as mice and moles. These mammals help to transport ticks and are necessary hosts for ticks to complete their life cycle.


  • Discourage deer from entering your yard, as ticks also feed on these hosts.


  • Place children’s play structures away from wooded areas to avoid exposure to ticks.



Adapted from Leeds, Granville & Lanark District Health Unit