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School nutrition programs


Kids who eat better, do better in school.

Children who don't eat breakfast or an early morning snack often find it difficult to concentrate and learn, and may even have trouble behaving in the classroom. Schools that adopt a breakfast or snack program help improve the learning abilities of their students while instilling healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

How we can help

Oxford County's School Nutrition Partnership works with schools and volunteers to set up and maintain breakfast and snack programs.

39 schools in Oxford County have healthy snack or meal programs, serving over 10,000 students. That equates to over 1.3-million meals and snacks served each year!

But successful programs require a community effort of many volunteers: parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbours, seniors and others who want to make a difference.

If you have time to volunteer to the program, contact Program Coordinator Kelly Ferguson at 519-539-9800, ext. 3448 | toll-free 1-800-755-0394.

Benefits of breakfast and snack programs


Did you know that by morning, kids have been fasting for up to 12 hours? Benefits of breakfast and snack programs include:

  • Improved learning abilities including memory, problem solving and verbal skills
  • Decreased absenteeism and disruptive classroom behaviour
  • Positive start to the day and the opportunity to learn healthy eating habits for life


The School Nutrition Program is possible with the support of its many volunteers and sponsors, including the United Way of Oxford.