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Road safety

Motor vehicle crashes are the third leading cause of injury and the leading cause of injury-related deaths in Oxford County.

In most instances, crashes are due to circumstances that were both predictable and preventable and are often due to driver error.

Reduce the risk of motor vehicle collision

Space. Respect all road users, other vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles. Allow plenty of space between your vehicle and others on the road

Speed. Excessive speed increases risk of collision. Drive the posted speed limit.

Weather. Decrease speed and give extra space as required by adverse weather conditions
Safe winter driving tips from the Ministry of Transportation

Distraction. Stay focused on the main task at hand, driving. It is a fact that no one can multi-task in the same instant. Only an instant of inattention can lead to a crash or near-crash. Driving is complex and requires full attention at all times.

Impairment. Drive sober. Impairment can be due to alcohol, drugs or fatigue. All impact on the ability to safely drive.

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