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In your community

Be street smart:

  • Take your time and plan ahead. Avoid rushing.
  • Pay attention to what is in front of you and look ahead.
  • Watch for uneven surfaces, sidewalk cracks, unmarked curbs and slopes.
  • Take your time going up or down sidewalk curbs.
  • Use well lit walkways.
  • Pay close attention when you are in unfamiliar places.
  • Watch for obstacles like other people, cars, pets and newspaper stands.
  • Use your walking aids.
  • Use stairs that have at least one handrail.
  • Sit down and rest when you feel tired.

Get a grip on slippery surfaces:

  • Avoid wet surfaces like puddles, snow and ice.
  • Watch for wet or slippery floors in public buildings.
  • Wear good fitting shoes with non-slip treads on the soles.
  • Use an ice pick on the end of your cane when it is icy.

Report hazards:

  •  Speak to building managers to report hazards in buildings.
  • Report community hazards to your municipality

This information was brought to you by Finding Balance, developed by the Alberta Center for Injury Control and Research and the Alberta Medical Association.