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A brief overview of the history of Oxford County explains how this County evolved.

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Joe Boyle

History of the County
Court House Square

Viewers can also see how the various legislative changes affected geographical changes.

Since the County Court House has long been an object of interest to tourists, historians, and architecture buffs, a history is provided of both the old (pre 1890) Court House and then the present building.

Text is accompanied by documents from the collections in the Archives. Also, because many people are intrigued by the heavy stone coursework and large arched entries on the Court House building, an architectural tour of the exterior fa├žade is provided. A glossary of architectural terms is included for the viewer’s convenience.

A virtual tour of the public areas of the Court House itself allows internet visitors to look around the former County Council Chambers or to peer down hallways or up the unique floating staircase. Floor plans of the three levels of the building ca. 2000 are marked where there is either a mini video or a photograph of interest.

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