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Telephone system

When you call the County of Oxford, you are greeted by a telephone answering system that gives you the following choices:

  • Dial directly to an employee or telephone extension
  • Choose from a list of County services
  • Use the County directory to find an employee
  • Dial “0” at any time to speak to a live customer service representative


South Western Public Health - 1-800-922-0096

Telephone Menus

If you know the extension you are calling:
Enter it as soon as you hear the automated attendant voice  

To find someone using the County phone directory: Press #    

Main menu

Human Services     Press 1
Customer Service: Public Works inquiries including inspections, locates and water permits, or general questions about County Press 2
Tourism Press 5
Community & Strategic Planning Press 6
Finance Press 7
Provincial Offences Press 8
Speak to a customer service representative Press 0


Finance menu

Payroll Press 1
Accounts payable / receivables Press 2
Return to main menu Press 9

Southwestern Public Health

To access Southwestern Public Health please call the number below:

Flu clinic schedules


Infectious disease reporting 1-800-922-0096
Clinics and services: 1-800-922-0096
Sexual health
Prenatal, breastfeeding, parenting
All other services
Health inspection (water testing, septic,
food premises, animal bites)
Smoke-Free Ontario 1-800-922-0096
Emergency Services 1-800-922-0096
Return to main menu 1-800-922-0096
Speak to a customer service representative Press 0

Main telephone extensions

Human Services 3390
Customer Service 3915
     General questions            
     Public Works inquiries (water, wastewater, 
     garbage, recycling, landfill and roads)    
     Water permits
     Bag tags          
Southwestern Public Health 1-800-922-0096
Community & Strategic Planning 3912
Oxford County Library 3909
Provincial Offences 3913
Tourism 3355
Finance (accounts payable/receivables) 3911
Human Resources 3914
Archives 3918
CAO / Clerk’s Office 3910
Media inquiries 3503

Woodingford Lodge

Woodstock 519-421-5556 
Ingersoll 519-485-7053
Tillsonburg 519-688-4874


Please contact Customer Service: 
519-539-9800 | 1-800-755-0394
Dial “0” to speak to a representative