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Town of Tillsonburg Zoning By-Law No. 3295

The provisions and schedules of this by-law control the use of land in the Area Municipality

The Town of Tillsonburg Zoning By-Law controls the use of land by dividing the municipality into different land use zones with detailed maps, specifying the uses permitted in each zone, specifying where buildings and other structures can be located, stating the types of buildings that are permitted and how they may be used, as well as specifying lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, building heights and setbacks from the street.

The contents of the Zoning By-Law reflect the latest consolidation of zoning by-law amendments, as of March 31, 2019. For up to date information on a specific property, please contact the Planner for the area municipality.

 TitleDescriptionModified DateSize
Final ApprovedA list of all zoning bylaw amendments that have been consolidated into the current zoning bylaw.6/1/2020196.67 KB
Council ApprovedA list of zoning bylaw amendments that have been approved by Council and are awaiting consolidation into the current zoning bylaw.6/1/20201.80 MB
Application, Administration and Enforcement Section 16/29/201618.85 KB
Interpretation and Schedules Section 2 6/29/201612.86 KB
ZonesSection 36/29/201611.80 KB
DefinitionsSection 46/29/2016301.75 KB
General Provisions Section 56/29/2016169.13 KB
Low Density Residential - Type 1 (R1 and R1A)Section 66/1/2020307.40 KB
Low Density Residential - Type 2 (R2)Section 76/1/2020315.52 KB
Low Density Residential - Type 3 (R3) Section 86/1/2020270.90 KB
Medium Density Residential (RM)Section 96/13/2019247.32 KB
High Density Residential (RH) Section 106/29/201635.62 KB
Mobile Home Park (RMH) Section 116/29/201624.64 KB
Entrepreneurial (EC) Section 126/1/2020263.85 KB
Central Commercial (CC) Section 136/1/2020213.63 KB
Service Commercial (SC) Section 146/13/2019377.80 KB
Neighbourhood Commercial (NC) Section 156/29/201628.96 KB
Restricted Industrial (MR)Section 166/29/201626.75 KB
General Industrial (MG)Section 176/1/2020217.71 KB
Future Development (FD)Section 186/29/2016207.36 KB
Minor Institutional (IN1) Section 196/29/201622.39 KB
Major Institutional (IN2)Section 206/29/201630.75 KB
Passive Use Open Space (OS1) Section 216/29/201661.62 KB
Active Use Open Space (OS2) Section 226/29/201654.59 KB


Key MapsSchedule A326.56 KB
Roads Designation PlanSchedule B 308.74 KB
Parking Space RequirementsSchedule C-13.24 MB
Parking Space RequirementsSchedule C-24.55 MB
Accessible Parking StandardsSchedule C-3921.74 KB
Groundwater Recharge & Aquatic Habitat ProtectionSchedule D511.03 KB

Application Fees

Please check the current fee schedule prior to submission of your application.

Application Forms

Forms are available for the various types of development regulated by the Planning Act

Town of Tillsonburg Application Forms

Oxford County Woodland Conservation By-Law Form

Application Notices and Reports

All active development applications are listed here, along with their associated notices and reports

OP 20-15-7 & ZN 7-20-13 - Town of Tillsonburg

Application for Official Plan Amendment & Zone Change
Part Block D, Plan M53
Clear Valley Drive

B20-46-7 - Abraham & Deborah Klassen

Application for Consent
Lot 37, Plan 41M-44
Municipal Address:  1 Walnut Drive

OP 20-13-7; B 20-51-52-7 & ZN 7-20-14 - 1822094 Ontario Inc & Escalade Property Corp.

Application for Official Plan Amendment, Consent & Zone Change
Pt Lt 423, 425 & 426, Plan 500 & SRO Lt 420, Lts 421 & 422 & Pt Lt 423-426, Plan 500 
98 King St & 143 Tillson Ave

B20-32-7; A20-05-7 - Oxford Lofts Inc.

Application for Consent & Minor Variance
Lot 761 & Part Lots 763 & 764A, Plan 500
Municipal Address:  83 Rolph Street

ZN 7-20-11 - Jacobus & Dale Boeder

Application for Zone Change
Lts 17 & 18, Plan 551; Pt Lt 77, Plan 500, PT 1, 41R1273
14 Glendale Dr

OP 20-09-7; SB20-02-7 & ZN 7-20-06 - 2407774 Ontario Limited

Applications for Official Plan Amendment, Draft Plan of Subdivision & Zone Change
Pt Lt 1594, Plan 500, PTS 1 & 2, 41R7400 save and except PTS 1-4, 41R8799
101 John Pound Road

B20-33-7; A20-06-7 & ZN7-20-09 - E&E McLaughlin Ltd.

Application for Consent, Minor Variance & Zone Change
Lot 2, Plan 41M205
Municipal Address:  2 & 4 Sandy Court

B20-12-14-7; ZN 7-20-02 - Jacob Hiebert & John Peters

Applications for Consent & Zone Change
Lot 86, 41M139
79 Woodland Cres

B19-104-7; A19-19-7 - Peter & Ruth Leliveld

Application for Consent & Minor Variance
Lot 9, Plan 500
Municipal Address:  9 Nelson Street

Development Charges

In addition to the County Development Charges, most area municipalities in Oxford County also have Development Charges by-laws.

Development Charges

 Who Pays For Growth
Development Charges Fact Sheet
Municipal Development Charges
Development Charges Annual Report 2018

Municipal By-Laws

6121-2019 County Wide Development Charge By-law
6123-2019 Tillsonburg Area Specific Development Charge By-law

Development Charges Background Study

The Development Charges Background Study provides the basis and background required to update the County's development charges to accurately reflect the future servicing needs of new development. The analysis assesses the development-related costs associated with the following County services:

  • Library 
  • Land Ambulance
  • Administration
  • Waste Diversion
  • Roads and Related
  • Water
  • Wastewater


Tillsonburg Central Area Design Study


 Tillsonburg Central Area Design Study
Date Released: August 2012

Development Activity

These maps show the status of residential development within the Area Municipality